About Us

About Us

It gets painful if you know a skill but you can’t make use of it to cash it or when you have all the means to enjoy your life but you can’t make time for it. Hire-Workers helps people in the UK to find a one stop solution for their daily errands and local handyman services. From home and office cleaning to bathroom plumbing fixtures, kitchen plumbing, home repair, furniture assembly service, flooring, painting, electrical installation and as basic tasks as standing in a queue; our goal is to provide for locals to have the best rated tradesmen in town.

Our job is simply to make things simple for you. We know how hard basic chores are for homeowners in daily routine and how hard a job hunt is for a tradesman. We simply connect the two looking for each other!

The matchmaking system makes it better for both the builder to use the exact skills he has and the homeowner to expect from a professional in the task. It is easy to have a lot of people with skills and a lot of people with trades but it is hard to make the right match. This is why we have proper job posting forms and profiles to assess a homeowner’s need and a tradesman’s skill which is easy enough as well to take a minute to complete. Our aim is to minimize the time and efforts it usually takes to complete your work and maximize your relaxation, saving and earning.

We push a little more when it comes to giving satisfaction to our customers. Even as an inspiration to start this business, we had something unique in mind that would take this handyman services to the next level and do something different which others aren’t doing. As an initiative, we thought of giving you the ‘warranty system’ from the tradesmen. Usually, a tradesman is never liable to redo a task unless it is the tradesman’s mistake. With Hire-Workerss, a homeowner can ensure that his task still looks freshly done even after many months in the warranty period. If your task has to be redone within the agreed warranty period at the time of selection, you can always call a tradesman over to help you with the undone task.

Another initiative was to give more promotions and discounts to both homeowners and tradesmen so that the work we do is not only convenient but also productive by saving or making more money for you. As part of our promotions, we time to time offer lucky draws in which homeowners and tradesmen win money back and much more. We know that tradesmen are hardly able to save much money after paying the membership and taxes, which is why we wanted to give them a platform where they can reduce the expenses and multiply the earnings by showing excellence.