Home-Owner Services

Our services include a wide range of trades to ensure that both the homeowners and tradesmen connected through us have a variety of options available for them. We offer you the following trades followed by the exquisite features which you can only avail when you post a job through Hire-Workers:

Aerial / network task Bathroom fixture Bricklayer work Locksmith work
Carpentry Cleaning Drainage fixture Loft conversion
Driveway services Electric work Flooring Metalwork
Engineering work Kitchen work Heating work Painting
Decorating Pest control Plumbing Roofing
Security work Stonemasonry Swimming pool work Tiling
Craftwork Tree surgery Window and conservatory work More will come soon!

Our Money-Back Scheme

We introduced something different to our users and homeowners which normally other websites do not offer. Our goal was to introduce such features to our services that do not only make the trades go easy but also make them enjoyable. Our money-back scheme offers money-back of the job you paid for if you are selected through our draw. The selection is made by our team which is usually on a weekly basis. You can get entire sum of money back or some part of it. It is simple to win money-back. All you need to do is to keep posting jobs with us and double your chances to win!

Our Warranty System

One of the distinguished features of our services includes the warranty system. It works on a set warrantee by the homeowner complying to which the tradesman accepts the job. Say, if a warrantee of a task is set to minimum 6-months and the skilled tradesman completed the task upon this condition; he/she is obliged to redo the job free of cost if any problem in the completed task occurs anytime within this period of warrantee. Homeowners can confide in whatever jobs they are posting with our warrantee feature.