Trader Services

Our tradesmen are our pride which is why we make sure that they are getting all that they want from handyman services. Our extensive range of handyman services includes:

Aerial / network task Bathroom fixture Bricklayer work Locksmith work
Carpentry Cleaning Drainage fixture Loft conversion
Driveway services Electric work Flooring Metalwork
Engineering work Kitchen work Heating work Painting
Decorating Pest control Plumbing Roofing
Security work Stonemasonry Swimming pool work Tiling
Craftwork Tree surgery Window and conservatory work More will come soon!

We Make You Earn and Save too!

We are particular about choosing the best tradesmen in town and then giving them the best options that do not only make them make more money but save it too. As a motive to start this business, we had in mind that the tradesmen in town were more surrounded by expenses than earnings when they actually start to give handyman services. From the overly expensive memberships to the excessive job retention charges to hassles, skilled tradesmen were facing many problems to earn with peace of mind. As an initiative, we introduced such a platform where we can offer them good handyman services to earn a handsome amount and promotions and discounts to save a handsome amount too. Being a consistently good tradesman for a period of time, we also make sure that you are rewarded for your work by giving you special merit discounts.

We Provide You Convenience with Services

We make sure that we support our tradesmen and give them convenience. When a tradesman has selected a job, we send mobile credit to the tradesman to coordinate with the homeowner. This makes the tradesman to communicate easily with the homeowner without the hassle of loading credit. Main events of the year are also very special with us. We introduce special promotions on auspicious occasions like Christmas, Easter etc. to make you enjoy the events more with our discounts and promotions.