Terms & Condtions

Terms & Conditions

By registering as home-user or trader, you agree to the following terms and conditions. Our services are solely to be used in the United Kingdom. You are not allowed to avail the services from another jurisdiction. Any member or user is responsible for compliance with the laws and regulations hereby applied.
  • You are to be responsible and legally entitled for any information or jobs you upload or post. All the projects you post must be genuine for tenders to be invited for. You have an authority to assign one or more tradesmen which is subject to complying with appropriate terms. Illegal projects are not to be proposed whatsoever.
  • You are responsible to select any trade suitable for your job in the list of trades we have mentioned and to thereby negotiate the project on your terms by the selected lead. We are not guaranteeing any trade’s accreditation, information or registration. You ought to make your own inquiries about any project and we do not give any warranty of any goods purchased or services obtained through our service. You must not make any payments or engage a tradesman in a trade without conducting such checks at your own risk. We, however, hope that you will be satisfied by our rated tradesmen but we recommend not even engaging a tradesman without confirming his/her relevant skills you need for the job.
  • If a tradesman agrees upon your proposed period of “warranty” which is a unique feature we provide (check services page for more information on warranty), the tradesman is to be liable to redo your job if any problem occurs with the fixture or whatsoever during the warranty period. We are not part of any deal regarding the warrantee feature; therefore, we are not liable for any disagreements regarding this matter. A warranty is solely an agreement between the tradesman and the homeowner.
  • We are mere agents to let you meet the tradesperson/tradespeople you want for your job which is why we are not a part of any contract made between you and the tradesperson/tradespeople. Therefore, we are not liable for any damage or loss whether consequential or inconsequential.
  • Our “money back” scheme for sharing us with your friends (check services page for more information on money-back) is subject to the selection decided by our authorized committee. You cannot claim your money back at any time when availing our services without us acknowledging you about the prize money. We also hold the right to decide on how much percentage of the money which you spent for the job is to be awarded back to you.
  • We hold strict rules about the code of conduct and ethics when using our services. Therefore, you must not post any abusive content or threaten a homeowner or a tradesman in any way when posting jobs or availing our services however. You must not upload any patent, copyright, trademark, corrupted files etc. You are not allowed to impersonate any entity/person when using our services. Tradesmen are also restricted to adhere to the general guidelines of ethics until the job is completed; otherwise, we hold the right to take strong disciplinary action against the trespasser.
  • The ratings and all the information on our platform regarding homeowners or tradesmen is provided by users and not by us. Therefore, we do not recommend or endorse any third party service on our behalf anywhere on our website.
  • We recommend you to use a proper firewall and anti-virus software to guard your data and equipment from any malicious content. However, we will take all steps to ensure no misuse of our system but we do not warrant any file or content to be free of malicious code or viruses. Therefore, we are not responsible for any damage or loss in this regard.
  • Our services also encompass bulletin board services, discussion forums, chat areas and other communities and communication facilities. Any inaccuracy of information or disloyalty on these platforms is not our responsibility and you must take care when relying on any link or material posted on these communities at your own risk.
  • Using the service or posting a job is free for homeowners; however, we charge a membership fee for trades and a fee for providing quotes for any project.
  • Once a tradesman has chosen a job, he/she must pay an amount to avail the job, the amount for which is usually more or less 20% of the selected job and Value added tax.
  • The membership or job retention fee can be avoided to some percentage by availing discounts and promotions which change time to time.
  • We only accept payments by debit or credit card. We hold the right to receive a validation of your debit or credit card details prior to allowing you use our services.
  • In lieu of failure of a payment, we reserve the right to require updated details from you or to pay through an alternative method. We also hold the right to temporarily suspend your account until we receive your payment. If your outstanding amount is not paid within the period of a month, we may withhold your membership or instruct a solicitor or debt recovery agent. In this case, you may also be entitled for statutory late fees and an interest of 8% of the amount due on you per annum on the Bank of England Base Rate in the light of Commercial Debts Act of 1998.
  • there's no automatic termination of a membership plan - so if you don’t get in touch with us, your membership will continue to run, you’ll need to give us 30 days notice in order for you’ re membership to stop.
  • If a homeowner wants to hire a native English speaking tradesman then it is their own responsibility to mention it in the job description explicitly.
  • By connecting your Hire-Workers account with your social media profiles or email ID, you give us the right to acquire any information such as username and encrypted access credentials etc. which is available on your social media profiles. We might also require your information from miscellaneous sources to add to Hire-Workers account information.
  • By accepting the terms and conditions, you give us the right to post your name on our social media profile or website whenever we announce the winners of our contests; however, we may not be posting your exact full name to keep your identity confidential on our own.
  • We hereby reserve the right to remove any tradesman or user who does not comply with certain strict rules bound by law or our own terms without any notice or explanation.
  • We are not responsible for any fraud, injury or death caused by either party’s negligence.
  • Save as explicitly mentioned herein, all obligations which are to be incorporated in the terms and conditions by common law, statute or otherwise are hereby excluded. Therefore, we will not be responsible for any loss, damage inflicted on any user by law.
  • We hold the right to make any changes to the terms and conditions at any time.
  • We reserve the right to remove, edit, or pass on any information given on our website about our users to legal authorities to satisfy any sort of applicable law.